Welcome to Lilla Malma Fishery & Casting Range, located 50 km from Stockholm-Skavsta Airport in Sweden. Here you can participate at our fly fishing courses. Manager and owner of Lilla Malma Fishery is Thomas Berggren a IFFF Master Certified Instructor and beside the courses at the fishery, he gives salmon fly fishing courses as an IFFF THCI (Two Handed Certified Instructor). If you like to participate a course! Just announce your interest by sending an email. We contact you and together we plan what type of course that would be suitable for you. If you already know.... Just let us know! Book now! Beside the courses at Lilla Malma you can make reservation for tuition on Double Hand Salmon Fishing. For the experienced fly caster who wants to learn a bit more we offer advanced tuition. If you already have some Instructor experience and plan to be a Certified Instructor. You can test your level here and get a preparation course. Courses at Lilla Malma Fishery To participate a Course at Lilla Malma, it signify that you during the whole course will be served by a Certified Instructor. Who has ambition to teach and develop your technique to reach the top level as fly Fisher with our ambition to help you learn faster than you can anywhere else. This is the short cut to be a grate fly fisher. The Fly Fishing School here at Lilla Malma offer 1 or 2 days courses and every occasion has 4-8 participants share the class. That means you get the opportunity to make new friends. If you rather like to be with your friends only, you can book a course occasion as a group. We have fly rods to borrow if you are a beginner and don't have your own. We all have different condition and basic skills. Some learn quick and some need more time. For the fast learner we add more difficulties and for those who need more time we go a little bit slower. Therefore you need to worry if not keep up or get to less. We always practising individual adapted degree of difficulty.